Hotline #871 -- July 18, 2014

The Senate appears on track to pass the House’s short-term Highway Trust Fund fix, having fallen short in an attempt to come up with an alternate proposal. While the 10-month fix has been widely criticized for yet again “kicking the can down the road,” it appears to be the most likely way forward in averting a trust fund collapse that would leave 700,000 construction workers out of a job. The House plan—which fails to expand eligibility...


The Trans-Siberian Railway and BAM: Not as Alien as One Might Think

In a truly all-encompassing dialogue on train travel, one way or another the conversation is sure to pass by the Trans-Siberian Railway. This is because it is, with its 5,772-mile span, the longest railroad in the world, spanning over seven time zones. It is also considered one of the most beautiful train routes in the world, going places where most people have never set foot. It is, in essence, a legend, shaking stories out of...


Hotline #870 -- July 11, 2014

CAF USA announced Tuesday that it will be shipping the first three cars of Amtrak’s order for new long-distance equipment. The cars will be delivered to Albany. CAF USA reported that 70 car shells have been built so far out of the 130 baggage, diner, sleep and bag-dorm cars included in its $300-million contract with Amtrak. The Elmira, NY-based company employs over 700 local workers. Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) was present at CAF USA for the announcement...


Washington Post Says Amtrak Should Solve On Time Performance Issues by Cutting Service; NARP Responds

With 2013 came the highest intercity passenger train ridership ( in the United States since the creation of Amtrak, despite the system being beset by incredible delays. On the Washington Post Blog yesterday (, Christopher Ingraham put forth a solution for Amtrak’s on time performance: simply cancel the trains that don’t run on time. Employing this logic, we should therefore tear up stretches of freeway that become too congested and cause delays. We should simply dismantle...


From the RIARP Blog: May Amtrak Report

Today we are featuring a blog post from the Rhode Island Association of Railroad Passengers. This post was originally published July 10, 2014 on the RIARP blog ( Steve Musen, NARP Council Member, reviews Amtrak's reports each month, and more of his posts can be found on the RIARP blog. (This piece reflects the opinions of the writer and not necessarily of NARP or RIARP.) Steve Musen, NARP Council Member, wrote: May Amtrak Report ...


Railroad Passengers Applaud, Criticize Brookings Report

Contacts: Ross Capon 202-408-8362 [mobile 3010-385-6438]
Sean Jeans-Gail 202-408-8362
March 1, 2013

The Brookings Institution’s report on intercity passenger rail released today has some important insights, including these:  


  • Amtrak’s total boardings and alightings jumped 55.1% from Fiscal 1997 to Fiscal 2012.  This growth “more than triples population growth (17.1%) over the same period and exceeds the growth in real gross domestic product (37.2%).”
  • “Amtrak more than doubled the growth in domestic aviation passengers (20.0%) over the same 16-year period. Similarly, Amtrak also far exceeded the growth in driving (measured by vehicle miles traveled per year; 16.5%) and transit trips (26.4%). All three modes do carry larger aggregate quantities of people, but these growth trends serve as evidence of changing attitudes toward train travel.
  • “As with other areas of infrastructure, recommendations for passenger rail tend to devolve into calls for increased federal spending. Such a call is probably justified especially over the long term for myriad reasons, including Washington’s historically outsized support of other transportation modes.”
  • “States would undoubtedly make better partners by removing the roads-only exclusion for their gasoline tax revenues. By committing a portion of revenues to other modes beyond highways, states would increase their abil­ity to consider the entire transportation system, rather than isolated parts.”



Here, however, are some points that the report missed or did not sufficiently emphasize:


  • Growth has occurred on all segments of Amtrak’s business as Amtrak has repeatedly said.  Amtrak’s Oct. 10, 2012 release on its Fiscal 2012 ridership stated, “All 15 Amtrak long-distance routes experienced an increase in passengers resulting in their best combined ridership in 19 years.”  In that year, long-distance trains accounted for 43% of all Amtrak passenger-miles and provided the only Amtrak service in 22 states and countless major cities including Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, Tampa and Denver. A passenger-mile is one passenger transported one mile. Our report on the long-distance trains is at (or, from click on Resources and then on White Papers).
  • Growth has been greater on state-supported routes because capacity has been added on those routes. 
  • In passing the 2008 authorization law, Congress recognized the long-distance trains as a logical, federal responsibility. These trains could not survive a mandate that they get state support. It is unrealistic to expect trains that cross so many state lines to gain the support of all the involved states, or to expect all states on a route to agree on schedules, service amenities, and cost allocations among the states. It is a huge challenge for many states to come up with the additional funding for short-distance trains which the law requires by October 1, 2013, even though most of those trains are the responsibility of one or a few states; indeed, some of the biggest challenges are routes that involve two or three states.


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