Juvenile law

Children most often become involved with the law for two reasons: 1) They are accused of committing a crime or 2) they are brought into care because their parents are accused of failing to provide them proper care.

If your child is taken into custody under either circumstance, you owe it to yourselves to contact the MACOMB ATTORNEYS immediately at 1-888-MACOMB-LAW to discuss your rights as parents, or your child’s rights as a juvenile.

Unlike many firms that merely dabble in juvenile law, the MACOMB ATTORNEYS are zealous advocates who handle a number or retained and assigned juvenile cases in local courts on a daily or near-daily basis.

As such, they know the prosecutors, judges, referees, DHS workers, and probation officers who likely will be overseeing your case and understand the nuances often associated with this niche practice of law. This experience has also led to a reduction or dismissal of charges in many instances. As parents, the MACOMB ATTORNEYS also can also relate to the difficulties often associated with raising children or growing up in today’s fast society and seek to provide compassion and understanding when dealing with these oft-complex issues.